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SwiftClock’s 5 Minute Setup:

For now, let’s get you billing clients or your employer and the rest will fall into place. The bare minimum steps are…

1. Add someone to bill to your address book
2. Clock some time to that person or company

After that’s done we’ll fancy it up, add billing rates, etc., and show you how to add workers if you run an agency.

Step 1: Add at least one person to your address book by clicking to (Home >> Contacts).

Time and Billing Software
In the top right, click “Add New”…

online time tracking software

Add your billing party – company or individual. If billing a company, add the specific person you’ll be billing, not the company itself – we’ll handle that later. Note SwiftCloud’s address book is like a system of bricks that fit together – the company is one entity, the human worker is another – similar to how social networks work.

Next, let’s log some time! Click on “Timeclock” on the left…

Timeclock Billing Software Free

when the page comes up, in either of the two input boxes, start typing the name of your contact at the top…

either on the top left right above “Log into client billing”…

Time card calculator

or in the top right, below Quick Add [  ] Hours….


that’s it! The rest will become self explanatory as you go. Once you log some time to one client, you’ll see how easy it can be.

You want to bill someone for that time, and not just log the actual time? Great – once you have some time logged, on the far right under “Billing” you will see a small blue triangle – click it…

Consulting Time Billing

It will bring you to “Billing Agreements”, at In the top right, click Add New, and you’ll see a form…

Online Time Tracking Software

where you can define what type of billing you have agreed upon with your client. Type in this same client’s name in the box, set your rate, and click Add.

If you return now back to the Timeclock on the side, you’ll see a pro-rated to-the-minute charge to correspond. If you charge $100/hr USD and add 15 minutes to that client, you’ll see $25 (1/4th of one hour…) next to that line-item.

That’s it! To convert your time-records to a single time card and associated invoice, check out our further training.

For agencies, consultant, legal billing, and more advanced topics like rounding up / down / off, agency worker arbitrage, retainer management and more, see our other training topics.